Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY Glitter Hanger

Have you seen the gold sequined hangers on Pinterest or Etsy lately?  I'm kind of obsessed with them, but I can't justify spending $15 or more on a single hanger.
So, on a dark and rainy day last week (hence dark/blurry pictures), I decided to make my own.  Lucky for me, I already had all the supplies I needed laying around the house.
Could this be a gift idea?  Sure, why not.   It's very blingy.  If someone you know has an upcoming trip or special occasion, make one for them!  Anyones little black dress for a big night out would extra fancy hanging on this baby!  Think Vegas, Miami, bachelorette parties, honeymoons, date nights, etc.
Or make one for yourself, like me :)
-Wooden Hanger (this one is from Ikea)
-Mod Podge (glossy)
-Spray adhesive (optional, but recommended.  I didn't have any.  It would probably make this project much easier)
-Painters or Masking tape (optional, unless you are using spray adhesive, then it's necessary)
-Glitter (I used Large)
-2 Foam brushes
-Foam Heart (optional.  Mine came in a pack from the Dollar Tree)
-Newspaper/cardboard... something to protect your work surface
1. Wrap tape around metal hook, especially near the base.
One side at a time:
2. Spray hanger with spray adhesive.  If you don't have spray adhesive (like me), you can use your foam brush to cover the wooden part of the hanger with Mod Podge.
3. While wet, pour generous amounts of glitter onto hanger, and pat it down with clean foam brush.  This will help it stick firmly and evenly to the hanger.
4. Let dry.  Repeat steps 2&3 to cover any bare spots.
5. Do the same process on the reverse side.
6. While you are waiting for everything to dry, apply  Mod Podge to the glitter side of the heart.  Don't worry, it will dry clear.  Promise.
Seal it: (you don't want your clothes and closet to be covered in glitter!)
7. Once the hanger is dry, and completely covered in glitter, apply generous amounts of Mod Podge to each side.  Gently push it around with the foam brush, and distribute it evenly.
8. While final layer of Mod Podge is still wet, set your heart in the center, and gently push down.  Let dry.  If you feel it could use one more coat, go for it girl.


  1. Everything is better with glitter! Love this.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Indeed! I'll never outgrow it.....ever. ;)