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Mug//Medallion//Cooler//6 Back of Blue Moon
For Dad
Kitchen Gift Basket Idea
More Kitchen Gift Basket Ideas
Cutting Board//Bottle of Wine OR Olive Oil//Misto//Rub Away//Kitchen Shears//Spaghetti Jar
Welcome Baby Embroidered Gift Basket- Blue
Welcome Baby Embroidered Gift Basket- Pink
Extravagant gifts aren't expected at Engagement parties.  I think this countdown clock is a great idea, and so are these Champagne Flutes.  Add a note that says "A Toast to Your Engagement!"
  • These books had good reviews on Amazon!

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  • The mini cheesecakes (#1) come in a pack. Buy 1 and divide them between bridesmaids gifts.

  • Alex and Ani bracelets (#6) come in silver or gold finishes. is an easy place to buy because of their great initial selection.  Department stores are sometimes out of certain initials. (I learned that the hard way!)
Some options:
  • Fill the 6 pack holder with that particular groomsmen's favorite bottled beverage
  • Fill a mason jar with attatched chalkboard label with nuts or pretzels
True story:
My mister received the toiletry bag, and uses it all the time!
(and hes drooling over the 6 Pack holder)

See Blog post about this idea HERE.

Love this idea for a friend, neighbor, or coworker.

My favorite idea here is the Anker Mini Charger (#3).  I want one!

Other possible additions/substitutions:
  • Gas cards
  • Drink tumblers
  • Starbucks or Dunkin Donut gift cards
  • New and fancy, or disposable Camera (they still make those, right?)
  • Add various peppers or onions to add color and fill basket
  • Could include Tortilla Shells and Hot sauces, especially if you're unable to find a cilantro plant from your local nursery (or Home Depot, Lowes)
  • Add a bucket of margaritas (the kind that goes in the freezer) or a bottle of Margarita mix.  Or a bottle of Tequila.  Just sayin.

How great is that guacamole bowl?!

The Vera Bradley Ditty Bag (#3) is lined with plastic.  I figured this would be perfect for wet bathing suits, or even snacks that could unravel, and soil the inside.  Easy to wipe clean!  Mix and match this gift idea with this one ----->

Also, they have already have a Kindle, you could purchase a waterproof case, or an Amazon Gift card to purchase some reading material.
This beach tote (#3) is insulated.  It's perfect for keeping beverages and other food chilled on the hot beach.  Throw in some inexpensive ice packs too!

Also this Rat Towel (#4) is extremely absorbent, and rolls tightly to fit into any tote.  It's microfiber, so would double as a blanket quite nicely.

  • I have friends who have this Pampered Chef rolling pin thing (#6) and they LOVE it!
  • I'm plan on purchasing these OXO Pop Containers (#8) for myself.  They look nice in the pantry (and sure beat those ratty, rolled up flour bags), and keep ingredients fresh. 

A shoe related gift is a great gift for any lady!  I'm obsessed with these Vera Bradley Ditty bags.  They are SO versatile because of their plastic lining.

Other possible additions:

Little Princess© 5pc Baby Bassinet Set
How cute!! This bassinet basket comes with a personalized outfit for baby girl.  See here. 
My Name Embroidered Storage Basket
Add your own book finds.  I like to get my baby books from Marshalls or TJ Maxx.

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