Saturday, February 8, 2014

Anti-Valentine's Day Fun

Warning: You'll need a good sense of humor to enjoy today's post!  Hopefully no one finds anything offensive here..... but it's possible.  Don't say I didn't warn you. 

It's all in good fun :)

Here are a few gift ideas to exchange between your single girlfriends, or with someone who has just experienced a breakup right before Valentine's Day.  Hopefully that doesn't apply to any of you, but if it does... you're going to love this!  All of these finds are from Etsy, which I love!  

I have linked all the photos with their stores, so if you're interested, they're just one click away :).

This Card! 
Haha!  The best part about this? 
 The bubble is actually a detachable magnet!  A perfect addition to that dorm room refrigerator ;) 

Love this tee!

 Now that's a statement!


So funny!

Fill these with red basket filler (from the dollar store), and chocolates or other small gifts.  
 You could even put a tiny airplane bottle of Vodka in the first one!

Ok, this I love...

I love how cute and foul this is at the same time.  I would definitely put some basket filler, and a tiny bottle of their favorite wine in this.  Cheers!

Love Bites!

These macaroons are adorable!  If it's too late to order them,  grab a box of bite sized anything that's loaded with carbs, sugar, and pure bliss.  Put a label on it like this one, or one that says "Love Bites!"

Hope you guys got a little laugh out of this!  I'm off to enjoy my Saturday :)


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