Friday, April 4, 2014

Easter Baskets + Moments of the Week

How was Easter at the end of March the past few years, and at the end of April this year?  I don't get how that works.  I looked at the calendar the other day and literally panicked for a second, thinking I somehow missed it.  Anyway, the good news is, if you are still looking for an Easter basket idea, you still have time to order one of these cutesy things from Personalization Mall.

Wouldn't these be cute for egg hunt baskets too?

I like this basket idea.  If you are looking for a way to thank or welcome a new family to the neighborhood, you could give them a personalized basket like this.  I like this spring/gardening idea, but you could put anything in there.  Breakfast goodies are nice too!  This would be perfect for a realtor to give as a thank you/housewarming gift.

Moments of the week....

So this happened....

Remember this post?  I loved my little flower pot cactus project :(.  My boyfriend, who moved it last night, tripped on it this morning before he went to work.  It will be interesting to see what this little cactus can endure between the both of us.  Obviously it hasn't been watered in awhile.  Soil=crumbs.

This cute face peed on the bathroom rug.  He was forgiven instantly (unlike the boyfriend for the flower pot). ;)

Oh yeah, and then there was this. 

We found a really fun rooftop bar in Austin.  It sits directly across from another rooftop bar called The Hanger.  The rocking chairs made it made for super fun people watching.


I saw this on the street that same day.  I took a picture to remember to look up the website when I got home.  I just needed to know WHY.  Well, now I know...

 I heard the full version of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air today.  So many more lyrics I've never heard before??!  Side note: LOVING Will Smith Radio on Pandora.

Have a good weekend!! :)


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