Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Easter Favor Bunny Napkins from Party City

These are just too cute...

*image via Party City

Not that certain grown ups wouldn't enjoy these (uhh, ME), but can't you just see these at the kids table on Easter?  I think they would make for cute favors at a girl's April birthday party, too.

All supplies are likely available at Party City.  Except for maybe the ribbon.  You may need to visit the craft store for that one.  If you don't want to fill them with candy, Party City has a TON of small and inexpensive favors that would fit into the plastic eggs.  I think they make a great place to find stocking stuffers for kids too, so keep that in mind when December comes around again. What? Too soon? ;)

Go here for the simple 8 step directions on how to assemble these bunny favors!


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