Monday, April 14, 2014

Egg-n-Spoon Races

My brother Matt and I are quite a bit older than our cousins.  I was 13 when the first one showed up, and there were 6 more after that.  After a few years, holidays got a bit rowdy.  Unfortunately I didn't discover ear plugs until college, because they would've been a life saver before then.  Some holidays were so bad, that I would go upstairs and lock myself in one of the bedrooms to get away from it all.  At least when it was nice out, we could throw them all outside (and we did).  

Thankfully, things are much better now that they're older.  Although, the youngest still can't have a normal conversation without doing 25 cartwheels while she's speaking to you.

My point is that sometimes kids just need an activity, and one that requires concentration is a bonus!

So I found these...
(And they have AWESOME reviews!)

Easter appropriate, and mess free :)
So you could totally do this inside.......if you want

You know this game right?  It goes a little something like this:

OR, you could buy a couple of these bad boys, and use your own spoons. When you drop or throw them, they "splat" and look like a real broken egg.   I've seen them at Michaels, and apparently some dollar stores have them too.  If not, you can order them on Amazon.  They don't have the best reviews, but if you only need them for a day, they'll be fine.
Someone said if you rinse them with hot water, they'll last longer.

Cool, right?


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