Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Easter Piñata!

But first... A true story

*image from Pinterest

  I remember my first birthday.  It's true.  At least part of it.  My mom bought one of those 3-D bear cakes.  He was a Panda, and I loved him.  In fact, I loved him so much, that when she stuck the candle through the top of his head, and lit him on fire...I had my first KER-AZY nervous breakdown.  I remember thinking she had just killed my friend....right in front of my face.  

Many years later, as we were going through old photos, the one of me having a meltdown in my high chair next to my dead panda popped up.  At that time, Mom was still clueless as to what had suddenly gotten into me.  Fortunately for her, that memory is burnt into my brain, and I was finally able to answer that burning question for her.

On that note, lets beat stuff up.

 Ahhh!  I couldn't do it, he's too cute.  But thats just me.  

(Yes, I'm 30. Shush)

Anyway, I read this idea somewhere else, and I thought I'd share it with you guys because I liked it. 

 It goes like this:

Easter + Kids + Easter Piñata + Plastic Easter eggs filled with...whatever

However, I don't recommend this idea for crazy sensitive, animal loving, "everything has feelings, including inanimate objects" type of children.  I'm curious, do many of them exist?  Or did my parents just get lucky. 


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