Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is coming soon!  It falls on May 11th this year, so if you haven't come up with an idea yet, you better get crackin.  My Mom's birthday is on the 7th, so I need to double up, and fast!  Here are just a few things I found on PersonalizationMall.com.

I like this one, and you can't go wrong here either. 
Ok, one more...
 This one would be especially great for small keepsakes.  For those who kept a lock of hair in a plastic baggy, this would be a much nicer place for it.  You could also make this a "First Tooth, First Curl" box with the picture of the child on it.  OR fill it with a bunch of little "Reasons I love you" notes from the kids.

I liked these color combos.  Plus, it's nice to have her name on something so that no one else can steal it ;).  Pair this with some new flip flops, magazine, sunscreen, or other beach accessories (like towel clips) if Mom is looking forward to summer!  Here's a tote bag, and here's another.  Don't forget the liquor store has pina coladas (or do these!).

This is more my style ;)
Put any name you'd like on there!

"Stay Cool Mom"
You know, for snacks ;)
*Remember this could double as your gift bag

And if you're REALLY a sucker for a theme (like me) when putting together a gift... skip the traditional card and go with this!

I liked this idea to display important dates for the family.  Can be birthdays, weddings, big moves, etc.  It's definitely unique!

This would be cute coming from the little ones.

My Mom requested one of these for Christmas, so I thought I'd include this in the list.  She obviously doesn't do Pinterest ;).

This is one of my faves.

This is good for grandparents and wedding anniversaries!

Great for her desk!

This is always a good "go to" gift.  I've ordered it.  It looks just as nice in person!

And last but not least, these are always a big hit!

That's all for this post, but PersonalizationMall.com has 21 pages of gifts for Mom, so make sure to check that out!  I just picked out my favorites, but they have everything from mugs and picture frames, to bath robes.

I'm browsing Etsy for some more ideas.  I'll share those next :).


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