Wednesday, April 30, 2014

10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas on Etsy

Did you know you can give an Etsy gift card?!  

I want one.

Today/tonight I'm sharing a few things I found last night when I couldn't sleep.  Insomnia has been a real problem with me lately.  I ended up watching The Little Couple while browsing Etsy until 2 am.  Little Zoe is ADORABLE.  I just love her.  So between TLC and Etsy browsing, I was perfectly content.  Unfortunately though, I overslept and was late for my 10:00 shift today.  I'm just not meant for daytime.

I'm not exactly sure if these things can all be ordered in time for Mother's Day, but maybe it will at least give you some ideas :).

This scarf from escherpe
(buy 2 get 1 free!!)

These wine bottle planters are self watering!  Love the chalkboard labels too. 
 From glassartsd.

This wool felt cell phone or gadget holder is both cute and perfect for spring.  It comes as a kit (so it's not assembled).  It's up to you if you want to make it for her, or if it's something she would enjoy doing.  Find this and other felt kits at Felt on the Fly.

I love these phone cases from Case Cavern.  
I personally really want this one.
(make sure you know which model phone she has!)

Oh, Little Rabbit has a lot of very cool screen printed tea towels.  Depending on what type of gift you're giving, you could also use this as the "gift wrap."  I really like that they are printed on organic cotton too.  Make sure to check them out to see all of their designs!

This is my new favorite jewelry shop on Etsy.  Great for trendy moms.   Shop Luca isn't taking anymore orders for Mother's Day, but this is a good shop to keep in mind for next time!

Kari Machal designs is advertising this print as a gift idea this year, and I love it!
(order by May 1st!)

I agree.  This mug from The Printed Surface says it all.

Can't go wrong with jewelry right?  Especially with this sweet little necklace from Untie.
Choose her own initials, or those of the kiddos.

This cutting board could be an amazing gift.  Send the people from Personalized Just for You a favorite handwritten recipe from Mom's mother or grandmother, and they will engrave it onto the cutting board.  What a great way of preserving a memory!

'Tis all for tonight my friends.  I need to force myself to get some sleep tonight.
I think I'm getting a little loopy.
Wish me luck :)


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