Friday, January 24, 2014

Valentine's Day // Gift Idea for Him

I really love these little "tokens."  My Mom actually got me one with an angel on it many years ago, and she told me to carry it with me everywhere I go (and I did).  I have it in a very safe place now that I've moved (because I will probably be moving again soon), but it sat on my vanity for the last few years, so that I saw it every morning while I was getting ready.  If I was feeling uneasy about my day, I'd glance at it a few times, and it would honestly make me feel better.  I ended up getting my Dad one a few years ago, and he likes to remind me that he still carries it with him by taking a picture of it, and texting it to me :).
So, when I saw these from Personalization Mall, I knew they'd be perfect for Valentine's Day!  The heart is adorable, and you personalize it to say something special.  You could buy your man a new wallet (since they always seem to need them anyway), and slip this inside.  When he sees his new gift, he'll be pleased of course, but when he opens it up, and finds your unexpected message, he'll be super impressed. 

Also,  he'll most likely treat you to dinner, so when you get home, make sure you have some yummy desserts ready for him. I like to get a table cloth, and a few votives to surround my desserts with on special occasions.  Presentation goes a long way on a day like this!

Let me know what you think!
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  1. I like your thoughts with these. Reciprocal dinner and a good dessert to boot. Hope it did well over the last couple years.
    With Valentine's day close I stopped by to see the mini pretzel treat. Sweet treats to include in some Valentine gift boxes being made. Thank you.