Friday, January 24, 2014

Some Cheesy Entertainment

I shouldn't post things involving food.  When finding final things to add to this list today, I think I spent more time at the fridge, and in my pantry, than in front of the computer.  It took everything I had to not open a bottle of wine, and it's only 1pm.

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Anywho, I found this Pin on Pinterest the other day.  It inspired me to find other items that a foodie, and anyone who likes to entertain, could love.  It took two grueling days of laying in bed watching HSN and QVC, while shopping through many online stores on my iPad, but here is a list that I've come up with so far.  Lets start with CHEESE!

PictureConical Cloche
These Conical Cloche's are really unique.  They immediately caught my eye, and could double as a housewarming gift.  You could purchase one or two of these from World Market, and then purchase a fake cheese wedge and grapes from your local craft store (like Michael's) to put in them for an impressive presentation.  They could also be used to display something special (and would stay dust free...bonus!) like a small memento or figurine.  I think a large one would look neat with a small potted plant (a succulent maybe?) inside, which would look great on a coffee table.  But please, never take any plant or gardening advice from me.  Nothing green, leafy, or petal-y survives under my supervision.  Ever.
*Here's another option from Target.

PictureSlate Cheese Board
Another item from World Market that I found to be pretty neat, was this Slate Cheese Board.  It's not something you see everyday, which is just one of many reasons it makes a great gift.  Plus, it takes the guess work out of determining what they're serving you without looking dumb the next time you're over.  I'll never forget the time I ate a huge piece of very pungent blue cheese, without realizing what it was.  Thank God no one knew, or payed attention to me that night, because it took every facial expression I didn't know I had to get it down.
(Someone in the (4.7 star) reviews said they use it for cheeses, apps, sandwiches, and desserts.  The best part?  It's only 14.99, and it comes with chalk)

PictureFolding Cheese Board Tool Set
One last thing from World Market.  This  Folding Cheese Board Tool Set comes with the fancy tools already included.  When not in use, they fold underneath the cutting board for safe storage.  Check it out on World Market's website to see how it works, and for the full description, ideas and reviews!
*Here's another option from Target

PictureMicroplane 3-Pc Fine & Extra Coarse Graters & Zesters
I saw these on QVC yesterday.  At first, I was like... ooo wow.. cheese graters?  But after I watched for a couple minutes, I have to say, I was impressed.  Go here to watch the video (click on the video tab).  These are nice by themselves, but if I were bringing them as a dinner party or housewarming gift, I'd bundle them in a nice basket with either some fancy, or non expensive (depending on your budget) items such as: Wine, Cheese(s), Grapes (could get artificial for presentation purposes), and a Baguette, OR go further and make it an Italian dinner theme with Pastas, gourmet sauces, cookbooks, olive oils, garlic, balsamic...ect. all in a new colander.
Quick FAQS per QVC: $20 for all 3; 48, 5 star reviews; never clog; come with safety covers for storage; dishwasher safe; won't rust; choose from 5 colors; slim, space saving design

PictureCuisinart® Lazy Susan Electric Fondue Set
We have this.  We absolutely LOVE it too.  Don't skimp out and buy the version without the lazy susan.  It's our favorite feature on this thing, because you don't have to say "pass the" anything, or awkwardly reach over each other.  We've entertained a few times with ours, and its been a huge yummy hit!  Depending on your budget, you could add some fondue cookbooks to go along with it.  Right now, its only $80 at JCPenney!

PictureThreshold™ Acacia 3 - Tier Server
I just like this server from Target.  If you know someone who is always serving presliced cheeses (I'm not judging! I buy them too!) and pepperoni slices on paper plates, get them one of these, or THESE (I have it and LOVE it).
I envision grapes hanging down from the top, and lots of cheese, crackers, and meat on the tiers below :)

PictureCheese of the Month Club
If you know someone who really
loves cheese... you can't go wrong with this idea!  Just Google "cheese of the month club" and see what you can find.  Here is what this particular  club membership offers:
  • Three approx. ½ lb. Artisan Cheeses, a variety of traditionally made, farmhouse cheeses from around the world every month. You'll get hand-cut selections that have been carefully tended and aged.
  • Our Monthly Newsletter with detailed tasting notes, cheese profiles, cheesemaker histories, and serving suggestions.
  • Flexible Gift Ordering – Personalized Gift Message

PictureHarry & David Gift Basket
This is always an idea too.  Quick and easy.  Harry & David have been around forever, and have a pretty good reputation.  These are great gifts for any occasion or recipient, including housewarming, a thank you, welcoming a neighbor, an office gift, and any holiday gift.

*Here's another one $$$$

it's all Gouda T-shirt from Zazzle.  Love it!  Gift it by itself, or bundle it with something fun.  See if there is a cheese tasting tour (I know Philly has them) in the area.  If you are giving a gift certificate to something like that, this is nice to give to them for something to physically open (and wear on the tour!).

*More cheesy shirts here, here, here, and here.

PictureThe World Cheese Book Hardcover
Find books on cheese.  This one had good reviews on Amazon.  It's a hardcover, which immediately makes it nice for gift giving.  I looked through the pictures and reviews, and it seemed to have a ton of information on cheeses (where they're from, how it's made, how to identify, how to enjoy, ect).  There's also a check list of cheeses to check off if you've had them.  This one goes for about $18.  Some others to check out are here, here, here, and here.


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